Current Bids and Bid Summaries

 Current Bids for North Little Rock

Note to bidders: Please check online or with the Commerce Department

(501) 975-8881 to see if any addendums have been issued before submitting a bid.


Summary of Bids for North Little Rock

18-3519 Fiber Optic Network System Inventory Specialist Firm/Company

18-3520 Mission Rd/Great Oak Ct Drainage Improvements

18-3521 Inspection & Supplemental Treatment of 6,250 Wood Poles

18-3522 Transformers for NLR Electric Department

18-3526 Demolition and Site Clearance at 4 Locations

18-3527 Electric Meter Test Board 

18-3528 LED Decorative Street Light Pole Fixtures for the THRIVE Argenta Project

18-3529  2018 Street Overlay Program

18-3530 Fiber Installation (E. Broadway to Galloway Substation)

18-3532 Levy Park Parking 02

18-3533 Remove Old VCT and Install New VCT at the Rose City Community Cntr

18-3534 Installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile at Fire Station #4 (Maumelle Blvd)

18-3535 Demolition and Site Clearance of 3 Locations

18-3536 39th Street Improvements Phase II

18-3537 Magnolia Street Drainage Improvements 

18-3538 Demolition and Site Clearance of 5 Locations

18-3539 Crestwood Road and Fairway Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

18-3540 Personal Protective Equipment for the NLR Fire Department

18-3541 Marion Street Improvements - Phase 1 

18-3542 Demolition and Site Clearance at 5 Locations

18-3543 Three Phase Padmounted Transformers for the NLR Electric Dept.

18-3544 Poe Street Improvements Phase II

18-3545 Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) at Rose City Community Center

18-3546 RFQ for Financial Advisor/Broker Services

18-3547 Binocular Night Vision Device for the NLR Police Department

18-3548 Demotion and Site Clearance of 7 Locations

18-3549 RFP for Janitorial Services for 4 Community Centers

18-3550 Demolition and Site Clearance of 5 Locations

18-3551 RFP For Professional Audit Services 

18-3552 Transformers for the NLRED

18-3553 Generator for Fire Station #3

18-3554 $7,500,000.00 Construction Loan 

18-3555 Levy Trail - Phase 3 (AHTD 061477)

18-3556 South Endsquick Pavement Rehabilitation 

18-3557 Special Operations Equipment for the NLR Fire Department

18-3559 Demolition and Site Clearance of 11 Locations

18-3562 Property Insurance for 2019

18-3563 Vehicle Insurance for 2019

18-3566 2019 Athletic Field and Gofl Course Chemicals/Products

18-3567 New Roof for Pavilions and Facilities