Investigative Division

The Investigations Division is led by Captain Robert Scott. The division is composed of the Detective Office, and Narcotics Unit. Listed below is a short description of each unit with links that may be useful.

Detectives Office

The Detectives Office is responsible for follow up investigations to crimes reported to patrol officers. The unit is divided up into three sections, Property Crimes, Juvenile and Sex Crimes, and Crimes Against Persons. The Property Crimes section investigates burglaries, auto thefts, breaking or entering, and other related crimes. The Juvenile and Sex Crimes sections investigates all crimes involving juveniles, domestic battery, rape, and sexual assault crimes. This section also has detectives assigned to work forgery and financial crimes as well as tracking sex offenders who live in North Little Rock. The Crimes Against Persons section investigates violent crimes such as assaults, batteries, robberies and homicides.
Registered Sex
Offender Information

 Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for the investigation of the sale and manufacture of illegal drugs. The members of this unit are highly trained individuals who work proactively to help fight the spread of illicit drug use. Members work with merchants and schools in the community to help educate them in the fight against drug abuse.

Meth Aware